The People’s War on InternetPorn

Traffic Control is a must see film for all people who have children that use the internet. Do you know what your kids are doing on the net, what about who they are talking to. Do you think that your parental controls or your filters are working? Do your kids use MySpace? I know my son wants a MySpace account, What was my answer? “NO.” Do you know he came home one day and let me know that his friend created him a MySpace account anyway. Read what Bryan Hall the director of the film has to say in my interview with him about some of the MySpace users .

Lisa: Bryan, ‘What is your opinion on the adult entertainment worlds ability to hide behind “Freedom of Speech?

Bryan: “Pornography is not speech. It is a controlled substance. That’s why we have ratings for movies and magazine shops. That’s why we have decency laws that prohibit people from exposing themselves in a public setting. That is why a 12-year old can’t go into a strip club or even an NC-17 film. If someone says it’s their First Amendment right to produce it and market it without limitations you then have a clear understanding their desire to protect children When someone argues that they have no responsibility to protect kids from seeing pornography because of the First Amendment what they are really saying is: “I have the right to use every possible scheme, device, contraption, ploy or lie to expose your kids to my addictive product (a product with no limitations) and it is your responsibility to keep me away from your kids – which you can’t as I have already proven with millions of unregulated sites and images online every second of everyday attacking your kids’ emails, cell phones, social networking sites and even their most innocent web pages with a myriad of popups.” That goes beyond the intent of the inherent “rights” people possess by virtue of just being an American. It is selfish irresponsibility manifested plainly by their own admission. As we documented in the film, all of the major pornographers in the U.S. have MySpace pages. The majority of MySpace users are teenagers. So who are these pornographers marketing to? They are obviously marketing to minors. So now who’s rights are being violated? The children, the parents of those children or the pornographers? In the non-cyber world people who expose children to sexually explicit content are called abusers and would be prosecuted by the law. What is the difference between someone who markets pornography to children and a child pornographer if the end result damages the social, psychological and sexual development of a child? In this case it’s millions of children.”

Traffic Control is about regulating the internet porn that is invading our kids, our relationships, and our workplace. In my interview with Bryan he states

 “Businesses are paying an additional “porn tax” in the form of harassment lawsuits, loss of human capital, monitoring services, hostile work environments, embarrassing PR and loss of productivity. And why? For someone’s right to speak? If I own a business and want to keep it out of my environment, why are the pornographers not legally liable when they are using every means possible to bypass the blocks I have put up? In the real world people are charged with trespassing when a sign is clearly posted and they cross the line. Why is there no such infrastructure online? We can put a man on the moon but we can’t fix this?”

Those picture cell phones you got your kids for Christmas or maybe their Birthdays , do YOU know what kind of pictures your kids are taking and sending on their phones? Listen to the kids that are admitting to viewing and making porn in Traffic Control interviews. Parents listen to what Traffic control is trying tell you. Your kids are accessing porn freely over the internet! Do you really want them to learn about sex that way?Traffic Control is well directed, it should really open your eyes to how the adult industry is taking over the internet, the internet your children are playing on, the internet is a scary place to just leave your kids unprotected. Check out    and get involved.

Traffic Control is Produced by Living Biography, and Lake of Fire Productions, it is the first of a three part series to follow the affects of Internet pornography on our society. I give it a 5 star rating and look forward to joining the fight to regulate it.    

Lisa Jones

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