To extinction, I mean. Or do you think the readers, German or otherwise, actually believe these latest statistics? I have my doubts. Are we really supposed to believe that almost half the families in Berlin, for instance, do not consist of the “traditional” mother-father-child/children model? Are we really supposed to believe that other “modern” forms of single-parent families and similar Lebensgemeinschaften (forms of cohabitation) are the wave of the future?

Like I said, I have my doubts. It’s more than half in Berlin, I’m sure. And these so-called modern family forms have been the future here (and elsewhere) for quite some time now. And the real news is that these statistics don’t really mean anything (I know, they never do). If you take not such a close look around you, you will see that the so-called traditional families that still do exist here are unfortunately no less psycho than the alternative forms supposedly replacing them. And that’s saying a lot. These folks at the German Federal Office of Statistics are crunching the wrong numbers, in other words.

What they need to do is measure the numbers representing how the lack of personal responsibility and sense of duty has been rising over the years. I don’t know which numbers represent this best – and I don’t really want to go there right now, thank you – but you can bet that these numbers are going threw the roof. In other words: It doesn’t matter what type of family you belong to if nobody in it is doing his or her job, and that is clearly the case. Once the “traditional family values” go, once you are out on your own like a rolling stone, it’s all over. For “you” as a society, I mean. Practically everything that’s wrong with everywhere you care to look in this world (yup, think USA) can be explained by this very real phenomenon.

And the punch line here (this is really going to kill you)? It’s only going to get worse! This is the Generation Me era we are living in, people, the age of Selbstverwirklichung (self-realization), and it’s going to have to get a lot worse than this before we collectively realize (self-realize?) that Me (as in you, of course) just ain’t all that interesting.

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