News Item:
NYC to Consider Horse-Drawn Carriage Ban

Tis the season… chestnuts roasting on an open fire… horse-drawn carriage rides in the snow… but then again, maybe not.  A New York City councilman would like to see the carriages go away, far far away, never to be seen again.  He says they’re a menace on the streets, and a danger to themselves.

Granted, ol’ Nelly there clopping along the pavement can get on your nerves if you’re trying to get around the carriage while on your way to happy hour, and I’m sure a horse or two has been spooked by some moron leaning on his horn, but really now, how many accidents have the carriages caused, relative to say… city buses bulling their way out into your lane, or bike messengers dechroming door handles as they squeeze between cars?  What about city owned vehicles that are always double parked?  Especially the ones that ferry councilmen to work…

News Source: Associated Press

Cartoon from Sid in the City

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