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It appears, according to many post-election news sources, that evangelicals (defined as Christian-conservatives with ‘attitude’) played a big part in the rebirth of the almost forgotten term: “Democratic majority.”

Some evangelicals apparently couldn’t find it in their hearts to forgive Republican legislators who were involved in scandals, corruption or other unchristian behaviors so, since many of these offenders weren’t available on the ballot to receive their punishment, many evangelicals (certainly not even a majority of them) abandoned their beloved theocons for newly minted ‘theolibs.’

Just where did these theolibs come from? One day all liberals are considered “abortionists” and “gay lovers” and the next they’re getting all (gasp!) moderate in their views — or perhaps a better word is my favorite Margaret Thatcherism: “wobbly.” (Does the term “flip-flop” ring any bells?).

Now I certainly don’t want to appear to be critical of any liberal who ‘gets religion’ but I wonder if they understand just what they are getting into.

It was the blurring of lines between religion and conservatism that started what many millions of Americans consider to be the destruction of the Republican Party and the degradation of conservatatism. It is also this same meld that is partially responsible for turning America’s foreign policy into a nearly unrecognizable caricature of the foreign policy that once made this country strong and feared around the world (and, make no mistake about it, as unpalatable as it may sound to many, it is fearful enemies that keep us safe).

Today we have terrorists on National television threatening to blow up our nation’s capitol and the tin-pot dictators of Iran and North Korea threatening us in much the same way. What more proof do we need that the world has lost it’s fear of us? Why do they now view us as “paper tigers”? Because instead of focusing our military might and intelligence capabilities in the middle-east on destroying our enemies (a feat that should not be a challenge for a nation with our power) we have spent the last five years trying to turn theocracies into Democracies. That may be a nice long-range strategy but it is not the type of activity that the people of the Middle-East (or, apparently the leaders of the far-east) understand or respect.

The Democrats now have the lead and time will tell if they are still milk-toast liberals who will make a bad situation even worse or if they can devise a plan to turn our country back into a revered (and feared) force for good in the world.


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