A major toy making corporation and a number of retailers have been sued over a product that allegedly contained asbestos. The toy, the CSI Crime Scene Investigation Kit, which is based on the popular television show, contained harmful asbestos according to official from a California asbestos awareness group.

According to the lawsuit laboratory testing was carried out on the kits, and showed that there was a significant amount of tremolite asbestos in the fingerprint dusting powder that was contained in the kit. The manufacturer of the kit, Planet Toys Inc, has been accused of failing to warn consumers about the dangers.

The aim of the lawsuit is to stop the sale of the kits if they do not come with a warning, and also to ensure that those customers wishing to return their kits can do so and receive a full refund.

Last year Planet Toys did pull the CSI kits from the shelves amidst claims of asbestos presence. However, officials from the firm said that their own laboratory tests did not show any asbestos presence in the kits.

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