Wallaceburg Ont, Canada. Is there hope for it’s future? As of 2002, four closures, and seven in the last 15 years. How much more can a town of 14,000 stand. With economic change and the gap with the US and Canadian dollar getting smaller and smaller. Its a buyers market for houses, with people moving away, to find jobs elsewhere.

Is this the cost this town has to endure, at the gain of the mother city, a central point of municipality, that we were forced into? Amalgamation, of several communities. Is it the fault of Free Trade, that was promised to us and would make things good for us. It doesn’t seem this way. Other communities are also being affected on both sides of the border. What can be done about this and how can to borders work together to stop the flooding of outsourced jobs. How can we stop companies from taking jobs away from hard working Americans and Canadians. Do we all have we like loosing our jobs written on our foreheads, if so I don’t see it. I can’t imagine 1500 people loosing their jobs within 4 months, but its happened. Unemployment at all time high.

We must stop the trend, find a solution, and all work together.

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