The natives are all up in arms about ExxonMobil and co. again. You know, flying off the handle with rage and all that. It’s kind of like when you sneak up behind them and say the word “Bush”.

These cynical bastards (ExxonMobil, not the natives) are actually offering $10,000 to “buy scientists” who can refute the climate change report sponsored by the United Nations which was made public Friday. My, that is shocking. I thought science was more expensive than that. I guess these scientific types don’t cost nearly as much to buy as I figured they would. Oops, how cynical of me.

But at least this is news. I mean, that global warming is “very likely” caused by man, as stated in the report, is something I thought we had all agreed upon long ago. And that the concentrations of heat-trapping greenhouse gases in the planet’s atmosphere “have increased markedly as a result of human activities since 1750” doesn’t really seem to be any great new revelation, either.

What I do find interesting is the ritual, the highly-emotional and near-hysterical reaction to announcements and counter-reactions like these. Like one article puts it, “the oil industry strikes back.” You know, as if Darth Vader is back among us again or something (he never really left, of course). It’s just that guilty conscience syndrome all over again, if you ask me. Everybody is fat and sassy and gets all excited when they can point the finger at somebody else.

Or does this add up when this is about to happen?

My suggestion: Sell your gas guzzling German car, stop flying to Mallorca two or three times a year, don’t buy any more “billig will ich” (cheapness is what I want) products made in China anymore (China + envirnment = bad), and spend more money on locally grown products, you know, not the environmentally destructive el cheapo products you now buy at Lidl. That’s just a start, of course. And then you can flip out when ExxonMobil gets cynical again. And we both know that they will.

That’s too much to ask, you say? Of course it is. I knew it would be when I wrote it. But here I am being cynical again.

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