The Moon will blush red as it passes through Earth’s shadow in a total lunar eclipse on Saturday. From most locations on Earth, at least part of the 6-hour eclipse will be visible if skies are clear.

The Earth’s shadow will completely cover the Moon during the most dramatic phase, which will last a little more than an hour – from 2244 to 2357 GMT. has the story with a link to a GMT conversion table.

The deepest part of the eclipse, when the Moon is completely covered by Earth’s shadow, will be visible from all of Europe, Africa, and in Asia westward of central China. It will also be visible in central and eastern North America and all of South America.

From most locations, the Moon will be up for at least part of the eclipse (scroll down for a map of where it will be visible). The eclipse will not be observable at all in a swath of the Pacific Ocean stretching from northwestern Canada to eastern Australia.

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