President Barack Obama managed to anger both the right and left ends of the political spectrum, with the release of the infamous torture memos, and declaration of amnesty for the rank and file members of the intelligence community who did the actual hands on implementation. Activity George Bush insisted in exit interviews were simply “tools” the folks over at Justice told him were available.

While I am a card carrying liberal ,with wet dreams of a future news cycle that focuses on Bush & Company sporting club fed jump suites. The President made the right call in offering the rank and file grunts assurance, they need not fear politically motivated criminal prosecution. Evidence emerges on an almost weekly basis, the hand of criminality was far removed from the locality where torture occurred.

The memo’s also serve to bolster claims CIA operatives have made for several years. The Bush administration came to them and they were the ones who pointed out federal law prohibited them from torture, which is the reason the memos came to be in the first place.

Never one to allow law and morality to stand in the way of his brilliance, George W simply hired some prestigious graduates of Pat Robertson’s Bible Law and typewriter repair academy, Then had them craft memo’s that lo and behold made torture not only legal, but actually defined it as an exercise of humane treatment consistent with the highest standards and principles of the United States, and when some folks at CIA still demurred, George Bush simply replaced them with those who were true disciples of his crusade to bring Jeffersonian democracy to the middle east.

Tax Day saw the GOP raping the libertarian parties novel approach to complaining about the amount of our hard earned money politicians from both sides of the aisle all too often waste, Sadly the Republicans and FOX network took what had been a fun and educational tradition, and soiled it with ideological self promotion and hate mongering. In years past the event drew smaller crowds but they were a more diverse slice of the electorate. This year it looked more like a recruitment drive for the white pride movement.

Still Rupert Murdoch is doing America a favor by continuing to lower the bar on what passes for journalism, it quickens the mutation of the GOP into a party of extremists and mouth breathers, which benefits democrats and will in the next couple election cycles, make libertarians and independent candidates more viable to conservatives and moderate voters.

That’s my view, yours may be different.

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