The situation in the Middle East not only dominates the news, but also the political and economic situation in today’s world.  After watching and hearing about all of the violence in this region one has to wonder how the people live amidst so much turmoil.  The movie Torn Apart addresses this very issue by asking the age-old question: Does love really conquer all?

Ben (Adrian Pasdar) meets and falls in love with Laila (Cecilia Peck) when her family moves into his neighborhood in Israel before the 1967 war.  Even as young children they are aware of the immediate problem to their relationship.  Ben is Jewish and Laila is Muslim.  When the war begins in 1967, Ben and his family move to the States and Laila’s family moves to the West Bank. 

The friends grow up apart.  However, fate throws them back together when Ben is called back to serve his military service.  While he is checking the papers of Muslims at a checkpoint, Ben looks up from someone’s identification papers to see the girl he fell in love with years ago. 

However, finding his love again does not end his journey to happiness.  It is 1973, and the Arab and Jewish conflict is boiling.  The lovers are discouraged by their families, politics, religious differences, and the war to pursue a relationship.  If they want to be together, both of them must leave their homelands, families, and friends.  But how can a Jewish man and Muslim woman escape together from a region so embroiled in the hatred of the other?

This movie does not wow the audience with special effects.  Instead it focuses on the human aspect of the story.  Torn Apart is a refreshing revival of the movies of the bygone era that center on the actors and their performances and not the visual effects of the carnage of war.  Because, when all of it is said and done, hostilities revolve around individuals, not vice versa.  This is often forgotten by outsiders.

Pasdar and Peck deliver powerful performances that will make you hold your breath at times.  They will make you stand up and cheer for true love to prevail the hatred in the Middle East.  As you watch the film, you feel that if the lovers can survive there may be hope for the future. 

Torn Apart is based on Chayym Zeldis’s novel A Forbidden Love. Even though this film was originally released in 1990, audiences today will find the film still pertinent to today’s situation.   This is the first time Torn Apart has been released on DVD.  The special features include Widescreen format, 5.1 Surround Sound, a Photo gallery, U.S. Theatrical Trailer, and Director’s Commentary.  It is available starting October 2, 2007. 

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