The Frankfurt Motor Show is one of the world’s top car events. I is held every September each year in Frankfurt.  Every year the show’s exhibitors always surprise us but this year they have really outdone themselves. There are a number of trends we noticed since the beginning of the show.

Electric cars

In the automotive industry, this year it is mostly about electric cars. Car makers have realized the importance of electrically-driven vehicles. It seems like combustion engines will no longer be relevant in future. Cars will be powered by electricity from batteries. Most automakers unveiled their future electric vehicles such as Audi Aicon, Renault Symbioz, Honda Urban, and others. Electricity is taking over from oil just like internet casino gambling games is taking over land-based gambling.

BMW Plans to Replace Car Keys With Mobile Phone Apps

The Germany automaker revealed that it plans to replace the car keys with mobile phone apps that can perform all key functions. Keyless concept is driven by the fact that customers always carry their smartphone around and the BMW App will lock and unlock their car. BMW reported that they are still looking into the possibility of this concept.

Large Cars

Many automakers have unveiled their big-car concepts. The bigger the better, car makers want to make cars that can be driven on every terrain. Moreover, the rise in demand for large cars is growing at a faster rate, especially from the Chinese market. Some of the biggest concepts demonstrated are Citroen TUBIK, Kia GT, and Peugeot HX1. Citroen TUBIK has a beautiful interior, featuring accessories like connecting screen with your smartphone to play games (check out for iGaming games examples), listen to music or watch videos.

Fuel-saver engines

Most cars exhibited at the car show consume less fuel no matter the car model. Latest cars are more fuel-efficient to help the customers to cut the fuel consumption costs. The engines are developed to perform well with lesser fuel than old engines. A good example of a fuel-saver car is the Ford Focus 1.0 EcoBoost that consumes less fuel than other cars at Frankfurt show.

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