There are Android apps for anything you want. Many more apps are being developed. The Google Play Store is filled with thousands of apps including forex trading apps, however, there are some apps that you should always have on your device. Here are the best Android apps you must download.

Daily Blend 

A healthy body is important and to have health apps is perfect for you. Android apps are developed to make our lives easier on daily basis. Daily Blend is one app you should have to keep your body in shape. If you’re a fan of smoothies, this is the app for you. Never run out of ideas. created an app to help you with hundreds of recipes. You can benefit more when you use the recipes and enjoy a healthy life. Smoothie recipes focus are in different categories detoxing, beauty, kid-friendly, workouts, energy and desserts.


Sometimes we go for holidays and vacations regularly or once in a while. Searching for accommodation is really a hassle without the perfect tool. Airbnb is there to assist you with accommodation that suits what you want and your budget. Airbnb helps you to find a perfect holiday or vacation home offered by private hosts in your travel destination. The app comes with over 4 million great homes all over the world. It saves you time and gets you the best deals within a short period of time.

Money Manager 

Budgeting is really important for your personal finance. An app that helps to keep you on top of your game when it comes to budgeting is needed. If you need a budgeting manager available around the clock, the money manager is the perfect app for you.  Most successful forex traders in South Africa use it. The app helps you with financial planning, review, expense tracking, and personal asset management. It makes managing money so easy for both personal and business financial transactions.


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