There are hundreds – even thousands – of slots variations you can now play online. While the basic principles used in these online slots games are the same, they offer different user experiences and some interesting gameplay. Some, naturally, are more popular than the others.

Popular slots variations such as Guns ‘N’ Roses and Little Red Riding Hood are famous for their large jackpots. They are usually networked and are available across multiple gaming platforms, allowing more players to play at the same time. There are actually a lot of great slots variations that are not as popular as the known ones. You can find the complete list in LeoVegas’s own Under the Radar page.

The slots variations we’re going to talk about in this article, however, are more unique. These are the top three online slots games you don’t normally notice, but are very interesting to play.

Frog Grog Slot

The Frog Grog slot doesn’t offer large jackpots and plenty of free spins. It also doesn’t offer complicated rules and a vast array of winning combinations. The game is much more straightforward than the average online slots games we have today.

The game is a 5×3-reel game that is very easy to play. You get a lot of interesting animations that make playing this game for an extended period of time very entertaining. Frog Grog incorporates a rather weird set of symbols, but they are easy to learn and soon you’ll be playing like a pro.

Of course, the main target of this game is the frog. There are more than enough winning combinations to aim for, too. The game may not offer free spins and mega jackpots, but it is a game that you should try if you’re aiming for regular pay-outs and frequent wins.

There is also a mystery bonus to grab. Well, we’ll let you figure this one out so we don’t spoil the fun.

Mega Jackpots Wolf Run

If the regular pay-outs offered by Frog Grog don’t interest you and you’d rather go for a big jackpot, then this next slots variation is definitely for you. The Mega Jackpots Wolf Run is available on both desktop and mobile gaming platforms. It is also worth noting that this game was developed for brick-and-mortar casinos; I know a lot of you prefer this type of slots variation when playing online.

The main draw of this game is the 5×4-reel system used by Wolf Run. It offers a whopping 40 pay lines, which means you are always really close to a win. The game also offers good odds for those seeing long-term profits. To make it even more interesting, there is no shortage of bonuses and side games to play.

Jewel Strike

This last slots variation on our list combines the retro approach and high volatility, creating the perfect balance for beginners and experienced players alike. Jewel Strike is a game that stays true to the 90s theme. It also uses five reels and offer bonuses such as Epic Spins and the mystical Colossal Reels that allows you to win 500x times your bet.

It is definitely worth checking out the above suggestions if you love online slots and you’re looking for great games to play.

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