Casino online games are one of the top favorite fun and betting games around the world. Although they are typically hosted on popular sites like Betsafe and 888 Casinos, the game platform itself is actually designed and supplied by a third party. These third-party developers are called game designers/providers, and there are a ton of them to choose from.

Why are game providers so important?

Although most players do not really care about the game providers as long as the casino is legit and have a history of paying winners, game providers are actually very important. Gaming with casinos build on the best gaming software platform, means that you would completely avoid most issues related to poor software quality. Some common examples of these include:

  • Jackpot freezing or not paying out due to issues;
  • Poor graphic quality;
  • Complete game freeze;
  • Laggy gameplay.

If you have ever noticed any of these issues while playing, then there is a good chance that that site makes use of a low-quality game software provider. These issues are also common with slot games, and you can easily tell from the website. However, you can also find a slot provider offering a much better experience and zero glitches. The major difference is actually in their game providers.

Top 3 game providers for online casinos

There are a good number of online casino game providers out there that provide good services for an excellent all-round experience. However, some are better than others, with majorly three standing out from the rest. They are:


The reputation of Microgaming actually speaks for itself as it is not only the oldest game provider but also the best around. They set the pace for others to follow and developed most online casino games today. Basically, Microgaming brings out at least two new titles every month. Their platform, Quickfire, is responsible for changing the gaming industry. It is so excellent that it is used by subsidiary developers in launching their titles too.

Net Entertainment (NetEnt)

If you have played online casinos for a while, then the name Net Entertainment should not be alien to you. The game vendor focuses its strength on quality, instead of quantity, as they offer one of the best visual appearances, topographical settings and unique innovations in games. NetEnt is one of the big industries in the live gaming sector and has impacted the market greatly. They are also into virtual reality gaming.


Surely, IGT was always going to make this list. They are known for their land-based casino games and used by a good number of online casino sites. Basically, IGT’s stronghold is that they bring you as close to reality as possible, creating a feel synonymous to you playing at the physical casino itself. Also, they have produced a lot of Vegas-styled games tool, for those who can’t do without the old classic gaming feel.

For a rundown on online casinos that make use of the best game providers, you can visit

Qualities of a good game provider

Game providers have certain qualities that differ from one another, which is what really sets apart the best from the decent. Some of these qualities are:

  • Latest technology
  • Entertainment
  • Excellent graphics
  • Virtual reality gaming

When playing on a casino using a top gaming provider, the experience is more realistic, crispy, and ultimately secure. This gives a better all-round player satisfaction.

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