Barney?  Jerry Springer?  XFL Football?

Everybody has a favorite show they love to hate. We put 10 of them in a list for you. If you think we left one off the list that really stunk up the place, leave a comment at the end of this. We’ll be another list together and we’ll consider it.

Some were close and didn’t make it. That list included XFL Football and 10 different cooking shows. And no, we considered MSNBC’s Countdown and didn’t pick it. It didn’t make the list. Barely.

Here’s our list of the Top 10 Worst TV shows of all time. They’re in no particular order–we don’t want to influence you. You can vote for the absolute worst use of the medium of television at the end of this story.
“Petticoat Junction” (1963-’70). Some shows from that era hold up remarkably well — either as sweet nostalgia or entertaining camp. Not this one, set in Hooterville.

“My Mother the Car” (1965-66). In it, Jerry Van Dyke’s mother was reincarnated as a talking automobile, the voice supplied by Ann Sothern. Actually made it through one season.

“B.J. and the Bear” (1979-81). Comedy/adventure about an itinerant trucker who traveled the nation’s highways with his pet chimpanzee.

“Mr. T. and Tina” (1976). Starring Pat Morita (who also played Arnold on “Happy Days”). Canceled after five episodes.

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Top 10 TV Shows of All-Time 


Top 10 TV Shows of All-Time 

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