Offstumped Sabbatical be damned this one from CNN-IBN plumbs all depths to remind us of the bottomless pit that is co-habited by Rajdeep Sardesai, Sagarika Ghosh and their surogates on the prop-up Rahul Gandhi payroll.

First the absurdity of the headline, “blair endorses rahul” – unless the not so young anymore gandhi is planning to do a Sonia here and migrate to Britain the Blair non-endorsement is a joke.

Second the sensationalism is naseauting to say the least. We dont know what question Vidya Shankar Aiyar posed to Blair, but the good guest that he was Blair tries to be gracious and charitable to Rahul but that was all CNN-IBN needed to sensationalise this otherwise non-event to shore up sagging TRPs one would guess.

We had called this folks, on 24th Sept 2007 that there is a formidable media spin machine that will work overtime to prop up Rahul Gandhi.

Well here you have it, dhanyavaad Rajdeep Sardesai !

Excerpts from the original post follow

The Congress did not win the 2004 election but the media has successfuly propogated the myth that Sonia steered the party to victory

Sonia Gandhi pulled a fast one on the country by abdicating responsibility and thrusting Manmohan Singh but the media succesfully propogated the myth of Sacrifice

From the Office of Profit Issue to the Rama Setu the blame was always on the Government with the Congress shying away from taking responsibility. The media successfully propogates the myth that Sonia Gandhi’s intervention saves the day shielding her from any blame.

The Congress has done disastrouly in election after election since 2004 but the media has successfully propogated brand Sonia in opinion poll after opinion poll

It is this formidable media spin machine that the BJP must confront as Rahul Gandhi is elevated. Expect this spin machine to latch on to every word he says and magnify by factor of hundred in the national headlines. The spin will be relentless on how the lotus is wilting, the stem is ageing in sharpt contrast to Rahul Gandhi, his lack of accomplishment and intellect notwithstanding

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