In an earlier article that I published today we broke the news that Tommy Croslin was once again behind bars. There was little information other than that he was being held on No Bond and the charge was battery. Tommy Croslin is the brother of Misty Croslin, the ex-stepmom of Haleigh Cummings.

I must confess that the no bond hold had me confused, the only reason that I could come up with was that the police did not want him back in the house, a domestic issue?

It has been reported that Misty has made up her differences with Tommy, so I was obviously was wondering if somehow she might be involved. About minutes ago I received a redacted version of the police report. It does not take much rocket science to figure out that indeed Misty Croslin was in attendance, however she was not part of the direct altercation, that is not to say that she is blameless however.

In part the report reads:

 On November 19,20091 was dispatched to a fight in progress. Sergeant Manning was on scene as well. Hank  Thomas Croslin Senior (Hank) and his son Hank Thomas Croslin Junior (Tommy) had just finished fighting.
Hank was on the porch when we arrived. Tommy was inside the house talking to Sergeant Manning. Neither   Hank nor Tommy wanted to admit who started the fight.
Hank stated that he and Tommy were wrestling. Hank refused to write a written statement. Hank was   uncooperative and would not provide any additional information.
Tommy looked flushed and his eyes were watery. Tommy stated he had thrown a bag of DVD’s to Hank. Tommy stated Hank got mad and hit Tommy in the head. Tommy stated his left eye was swollen where Hank hit him.
Tommy refused to write a written statement. Tommy kept a hostile posture throughout the investigation and was   extremly uncooperative. Tommy continued to try instigating verbal altercations with his father, Hank, and his  mother, Lisa Carmen Croslin.
Lisa, Kristina Renee Prevatt, and (redacted) were present at the house during the disturbance. Lisa stated  that Tommy had started the fight. Lisa stated that Tommy had thrown a bag of Dvd’s at Hank and Hank got upset. Lisa stated Tommy then hit Hank in the head and they started to fight. Lisa refused to write a written  statement.

I happened to be on the phone with William Cobra Staubs when this police report came in, and shared it with him. He spotted something very interesting. What was Nay Nay Prevatt doing at the house at 8:00am? Or for that matter, what were any of them doing there at that time?

Considering the fact that they are all very much under the law enforcement microscope they seem to still act with little thought.

You can read the entire report here.

Simon Barrett

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