Haleigh Cummings ex-stepmoms brother Tommy Croslin is once more out on the streets. The No Bond hold was reduced to a much more manageable $504, and someone apparently had the ability to scrape up the $50 to pay the bond company. Of course one has to wonder where they keep coming up with the Bond money? None of the seem to have be independently rich, in fact few of them even seem to have any clear income stream.

I am beginning to think that the Croslin family should consider talking to their local Bail Bond company, maybe they could negotiate a volume discount! Maybe a Frequent Felon program! Maybe a Frequent Felon point for each dollar posted on a new bond. At that rate, within a few months the family could consolidate their points, and truley have a ‘get out of jail free’ card.

Actually, quite by accident I discovered another interesting tid bit about Hank Thomas Croslin Jr, in 2008 he had a judgment against him by Ford Motor Credit to the tune of $13,141.80. One wonders where he gets all this money from to pay all of these bills? I do have a copy of the judgment here.

What I find disturbing is that when you start poking around in the families and friends associated with the disappearance of Haleigh Cummings an unfortunate commonality emerges. None of them pass the smell test. They all seem to have dark secrets hidden in the closet. Clearly this cannot be helping the PCSO in their investigation. Drugs and stupidity abound. At every turn, everyone even remotely connected looks guilty.

The police maintain their position that Haleigh Cummings was no stranger abduction, well I think they should reclassify it to Idiocy Abduction, likely not done by a stranger.

One observation that I have is that while PCSO are keeping quiet, they must be at least mildly excited in the fireworks that are erupting all around. And there are some more set to go off in the very, very near future.

I have a sneaking hunch that our radio program tomorrow is going to have some very interesting content. Will it help find Haleigh? God I wish it would. The truth though is that directly it will not, but indirectly it may help quite a lot. A lot of air will be cleared. Some of which might surprise you. Tune in at 3pm central on Sunday Nov/22, the link is here.

Simon Barrett

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