Tom Cruise and Katie (I’m only a Partial Sciencetologist!)  Holmes are  throwing a big shin-dig  wedding in Braccioano, Italy, a sleepy little town outside of Rome that somehow got stuck in a medieval time-warp.  It sports the 15th-century Odescalchi Castle which is a hooty tooty joint for the jet set to have their exclusive weddings and your-not-invited social hoe downs.  Christiane  Amanpour of CNN wedded there, no report if she will report from there on Tom & KittenKats nuptials. 

The wedding will be Scientology based, which deceptively is quite similar to traditional weddings, except God is an Abstract Art Painting and the required Virgin Sacrifice (behind closed doors and absolutely no cameras allowed!)  Ok, I made that last part up.





There is rumors a mongering around that this location is actually a ruse to throw off the Paparazzi and the real wedding will take place in a secret underwater Scientology Atlantis Dance Club.  Ok, I made that up too.

Another rumor is that Katey is preggers again.  That might actually be true.

Zenny, Paparazzi Slingblade

Zenshadow of ShadowWorld

reference links:  hey, it’s frikkin Tom Cruise, just Google it!

obligatory youtube viral ha ha


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