I have known Tokyo (Toke) for several years. He never does anything by the book! You just never know what Toke will do next. With 5 CD,s and umpteen awards and top ten hits on the Americana music charts you would think he would be happy, but no! There is no stopping this guy!

I rather like this news clip, Tokyo was honored by the city of Edmonton.

Next was a music video that wowed everyone.

His latest venture is to become a radio personality.

Rock & Sock Records recording artist, Tokyo Rosenthal, has been selected to host a weekly, syndicated radio show featuring live performances by Americana singer-songwriters. The show, aptly titled “The Tokyo Rosenthal Program”, will be recorded “live to disc” beginning June 5th. Distribution of the program will be world wide.

The format will have “Toke” as the performing host as well as weekly guests from all over the country. Rosenthal likes to say that the program will be akin to the old “Johnny Cash Show” on TV. “I will be opening the show with a couple of tunes before bringing on the guests,” said Rosenthal. “And before the evening is over I’m sure there will be some jamming as well. The highlight of Johnny’s show for me was when he played with Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young and his other guests. We’re gonna have some fun like that and we’re going to keep it organic and not over produced.” Tokyo’s touring partner, Daniele Cagnotto, known the world over as Manguss, will be accompanying Toke as well as the guests on occasion.


I think what sets Tokyo apart from the pack is his willingness to explore new ideas. Recently I told him about a project that I am working on and asked if he might let me use a clip of his music. He said yes!

Go Toke!

More on the Toke show as soon as it is available.

Simon Barrett

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