My mother had an irritating pun that while growing up she tortured me with “get a hat and get ahead”. Hats are of course a very important part of culture. No self respecting visitor would attend opening day at Ascot without proper headgear.


Even the Royals understand the need for a hat. The Queen and Prince Philip opt for more regal attire:

As does Prince Charles and Camilla:

The point is, the hat makes or breaks the person. As with any fashion accessory, the hat must be chosen with care. It sends a message.
So here is the problem. My good friend Tokyo Rosenthal is all set to head to the SXSW extravaganza in Austin, Texas. He is booked for gigs on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Toke is a hat kind of a guy. He started off liking white hats:

But these days he has moved to a more black hat look.

But I am not sure how either of these will play out in Austin. However I just cannot see Toke wearing this:

It will be interesting to see what headgear he wears. Oh, and if anyone gets a photo, please send it to me, I’ll be sure to publish it!
If you are attending SXSW you can find Toke at:

Friday March 16- Threadgill’s – 7pm – live web cast on Music Fog
Saturday March 17 – G&S Lounge – midnight
Sunday March 18th – G&S Lounge – 10:30pm

He will be playing his new song What Did I Used To Be. If you have not heard it yet, here is the video:

Once Tokyo Rosenthal has conquered Texas I will be interviewing him, and I will get to the bottom of the hat story! Unfortunately it will be a radio interview, so I will just have to take his word on what hat style he is sporting.
Simon Barrett

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