There are songs that just hit at the right time. I watch CNN in the mornings and cringe. Bailout is the word of the year. Banks, Auto makers, in fact in my mind just about everyone is getting a bailout except us poor reviewers, and the musicians that we review.

Tokyo Rosenthal is a great wordsmith and maybe one that the mainstream has missed. In fact he has scored better in Europe than here in his native country. I loved his first album Love Won Out, it is a magnificent work.

I received a press release a few days ago, Toke (as his friends call him) has just released a new single, Mister Tell Me ‘Bout The Great Depression. What caught my attention was a comment that Toke had:

I grew up hearing about the first great depression and never thought it could ever happen again. History is repeating itself and I felt compelled to write and sing about how we got to this point

Oh, how true. I missed the depression of the late 20’s but certainly have felt the the ups and downs from the 50’s on. It has been 80 years since 1929, a year that signaled a huge economic depression, yet here we are in 2009 and we seem to be replaying the scenario. Of course those CEO’s and other captains of industry that took us on this plunge are not hurting. They have ‘golden parachutes’, the rest of us alas have bills, rent, mortgage, and of course the dreaded credit cards.

Toke has graciously given BNN permission to stream this track, I do hope that you enjoy it.

I am planning on doing a radio segment with Toke in the next few days, stay tuned for details.

Simon Barrett

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