Yesterday I published a review of Tokes soon to be released CD Who Was That Man? I have been asked today by people that know me Who IS This Tokyo Rosenthal Guy?

OK, here is the official version. Tokyo Rosenthal is an Americana singer songwriter. He has released several CD’s and had great results in the Americana charts and lots of air play on the radio. He is married and has an 18 year old cat.

Unofficially.. Toke is a character! Tokyo Rosenthal is not his real name, but that probably will not cause you to gasp in surprise. In his youth he was a semi pro boxer and that was the name he used in the ring! He hung up the boxing gloves and instead picked up a guitar.

Toke is one of the very few (if any) musicians to be given the Key To The City of Edmonton, Alberta. Toke is credited with helping the Edmonton Oilers in their quest for the NHL’s Stanley Cup! Quite how a kid that grew up in Long Island did this is still a mystery to me! But Toke mysteries are common!

A common tale of woe I hear from musicians is how difficult it is to get noticed by radio stations. Of course Toke (Like Apple) has an ‘App for that’. Toke’s App I like to call The Coal Miners Daughter App. Rather like Lorreta Lynn Toke loaded his car up with CD’s and cruised the East Coast cold calling on radio stations. Oh he got noticed! Interviews and air play abounded.

In the several years that I have known Toke he always amazes me with his stories, they are usually too strange to be anything but true.

I will not break any confidences, but I do know that Toke has some pretty interesting tales to tell about the songs on Who Was That Man?

Do Librarians really retire and then start up in the Porn Movie industry in their 80’s?

The answer to this question, and many others, will be revealed on Thursday Apr/28 at 1pm eastern.  We will also be sharing a sneak peak at some of the tracks from Who Was That Man?

To listen in live to the program, please use this link.

Simon Barrett

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