I can’t say that generally I am a huge fan of the Americana genre of music. There is however one exception, the always entertaining Tokyo Rosenthal. Our paths crossed a few years back when a mutual friend asked if I might be interested in reviewing a CD. I did, and I liked it so much that I just had to interview him.

He is a character and a half! Years of songwriting and being the ‘wandering minstrel’ touring he has some of the best stories I have ever heard. Music was not his first career choice, he actually started out as a semi-pro boxer. He does admit that in retrospect it probably was not the best choice he could have made. Boxing’s loss became music’s gain.

On Jan/2 Toke (as his friends call him) will be releasing his fifth cd, which has the catchy title of Tokyo’s Fifth! How he came up with that title will be a question that I will ask him when next we talk.

Publicly there is not too much information available about the new CD. On his Facebook he has this to say”

I have the NEW CD in my fat hands but can’t post anymore of the trax or give purchase info until January 2nd or the suits will come and get me. Can’t wait to share it with you all. Happy Holidays, Toke

I won’t spoil the mystery, and without wishing to annoy ‘the suits’ will strongly deny that I have a copy! But it is damn fine 😉 Toke is not someone that does covers very often, but he has a very unique take on the Beatles classic Helter Skelter. Also in the track list is the single he released earlier in the year, What Did I Used To Be.

The video that accompanies this track is without doubt one of my favorites:

More about Tokyo’s Fifth soon.

Simon Barrett

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