I just learned another good reason not to use public bathrooms this morning after reading about a woman, in North Georgia that I am sure regrets ever having to use a public restroom in a Banks County Home Depot.

Illyanna De La Keur said she and her sister along with her brother-in-law were shopping at the Home Depot when she became the victim of a childish prank as she went to the bathroom. Apparently someone had put glue on the top of the toilet seat lids and she didn’t notice it until it was too late. She was stuck by then and had to stay there for over an hour.

De La Keur’s sister took video while the paramedics worked to free her sister. It looks as though they had to take the toilet and all out of the stall with her sitting on it cause there wasn’t enough room to work on it in the stall, I am assuming. De La Keur could be heard screaming in pain as they tried to get her loose. They finally decided to use WD-40 to free her from the seat.

The WD – 40 worked but not without the woman suffering from ripped skin and several wounds leaving her to question the process used to get her loose. She said her injuries were painful and quite embarrassing.

De La Keur said, “I couldn’t understand why they weren’t taking me to an emergency room and having a doctor remove it.” The woman says she wants answers from the store where it happened and from the person who put glue on the top of the toilet seat lids.

De La Keur’s sister, Aleera Canino said, “She wasn’t in her right state of mind to OK an experiment on her. It worked, but I don’t think she should have been there.”

So as a warning to all you shoppers out there, beware of silly childish pranks such as this. Make sure you check the toilet seats before you sit down on them. This could happen anywhere.

Jan Barrett

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