For some strange reason, many Germans insist upon pronouncing the words Tomb Raider as spelled above, more or less. That has nothing to do with this post, of course, but I just thought you might blike to know. No, I take that back. Now I remember. The latest news about the search for the missing and mysterious Bernsteinzimmer (some call it the Amber Room) reminded me of the movie Tomb Raider and that brought me on to the German pronunciation issue.

Anyway, the latest news about The Mysterious Case of the Search for the Bernsteinzimmer (named after famous American conductor Leonard Bernstein decades before his birth – that’s part of the mystery) is that German tomb raiders now believe to have finally located it. Of course this is about the sixtieth time that the Amber Room has finally been located but this time it could really happen, honest.

The chamber was stolen by the Nazis from Catherine Palace in St Petersburg in 1941 and then taken to the mythical city of Königsberg, now  called Kaliningrad, where it was soon to disappear in 1945 at which point it was probably taken by train to Vladivostok where it was than placed on a Greek freighter which later sunk off the coast of Spain and was later recovered by Howard Hughes and then buried in permafrost before a Klingon warship transported it to a Czech copper mine in the middle of the night when nobody was looking. But like I said, other theories also abound. Let’s all keep holding our breaths on this one, okay?

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