On October 17, 2000, India stepped into a new era by creating a legally accepted digital society. It was on this day that the Information Technology Act 2000 (ITA 2000) was notified.

The notification of ITA 2000 meant that an electronic document, became recognized in law subject to the restrictions of Section 1(4). Similarly, a system of authentication called “Digital Signature” also became legally recognized for authentication of digital documents. The two provisions together meant that legally accepted digital contracts became possible in India from October 17, 2000.

The significance of this development cannot be under estimated. Contracts being the life blood of Commerce and Digitization is the order of the day, the legal recognition brought the entire digital society into the main stream of commerce.

Though it is the tenth anniversary of this momentous occasion, worthy of a national celebration, “Digital Society Day” is not as well remembered by our society as it should be.

Cyber Law College started the practice of the celebration of the Digital Society Day with some activity such as a workshop on Cyber Laws for a few years. This year the celebration of the Digital Society Day-2010 would be combined with the holding of the Workshop on “Implications of ITA 2008 on Bankers” which is being held at ITC Windsor Manor, Bangalore on 25th October 2010 for a workshop. (Details available at http://www.workshop.cyberlawcollege.com).

The notification of ITA 2008 which was another watershed event in the history of digital revolution in India. It was significant to note that this happened again in the month of October on 27th October 2009. We are therefore approaching the first anniversary of ITA 2008 which brought in the “Cyber Security Focus” to our legislation and is aimed at providing assurance of a Trusted Cyber Society. The workshop is timed to remember both the historic events of October 17, 2000 and October 27, 2009 which has changed the profile of the Indian society.

I invite all Netizens to join in the celebration.


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