That’s right ladies, today you have the day off, at least from cooking. Be sure to inform your hubby or partner of this wonderful event, and sit back, relax, and don’t interfere! I know a lot of men will be resistant to this, but make sure you do not critisize them. After the meal has been prepared, even if it tastes horrible, be sure to give plenty of praise.

Tell your husband how wonderful the meal is, and how much you appreciate it. Also let your husband have all the bragging rights he wants during the meal. If he is made to feel good about this accomplishment, he will be likely to start cooking more often. If his food isn’t that great, no worries, he will get better with practice.

If you are a male and reading this, it will be a wonderful surprise for your partner if you cook tonight. Stumped on recipe ideas? There are plenty on the internet, but here are a few sites to help you out:

5 simple meals to cook for her –

Meals fit for men to make –

Seduction menu (in case you are child free tonight) –

 Also be sure to check out

Enjoy your meal!

J.A. Williams is the St. Louis Parenting Examiner at

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