The bureau of statistics predicts that Australia’s population will reach 21 million by June 29 2007.  The figure is based on the last census carried out in 2006.  The bureau has stated that there were 132,100 more births than deaths in that year and steady immigration is the cause of the increase.

Although this puts Australia in a better economic climate in terms of demands for services, it also puts a drain on dwindling supplies. 

The drought is not expected to break anytime soon with most eastern states on level 5 or higher water restrictions.  South Australia has a bold plan to increase its reservoir catchments but  “There’s no idea of when it’ll happen, there’s no idea of whether it will happen at all, there’s no answers as to whether or not there’s enough water to fill an expanded Mount Bold reservoir,” said state opposition leader Martin Hamilton-Smith.  Further, “The bottom line is ‘will the water still be coming from the River Murray’?” and this is the question three states want answered.  Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales still haggle over the Murray-Darling Basin project for sharing of water resources with no agreement is expected any time soon.

Fruit and vegetable prices have risen over the last month by 15% and there is more on the way.  The Road Transport Agency again warned today that it would not tolerate over-loading of trucks to counter-act the increase in petrol prices to lower costs.  Therefore, the costs of transport for our fruit and vegetables will be expected to rise again as early as next week by a further 5%.


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