Toby Keith is one of a growing group of entertainers that are prepared to enter the danger zone in order to entertain our troops. Keith is currently on his 6th USO tour in the Persian Gulf.   The USO (United Service Organization) is a private non-profit organization whose mission it to support the troops by providing morale, welfare and entertainment to out men and women in uniform.

His plans are to visit operating bases in Iraq and perform 18 shows in six days. “There’s no denying I am definitely busy these days, but no matter how busy I am, I always make the time to visit our nation’s troops,” says Keith. “They all mean a lot to me, and my trips overseas to visit them is what I look forward to every year. I only wish everyone had the opportunity to travel with the USO as it’s been the experience of a lifetime for me.”

Toby Keith is well known by the troops for his hit songs such as “American Soldier” and “Courtesy of The Red White and Blue (The Angry American). In a recent article on GAC Toby Keith explained that the inspiration for the Angry American came from his father’s experience in the military.

One of the concerts was interrupted by mortar fire onto the Kandahar Base on Thursday night (April 24). The crew along with Keith and most of the soldiers found shelter nearby. Later Keith was reported as signing autographs for the troops.

The Baghdad concert, which was attended by several thousand servicemen and women was a huge hit. The only downside was later that night when Iraq was hit by a massive sandstorm. Agent Curt Motley explained “We were stuck in Fallujah for a day and a half. We got covered with dirt and dust even in our rooms, and the air appeared to be filled with smoke. We’re covered in a fine, moon dust-looking powder, and the hallways appear to be smoking because there’s so much dust and dirt in the air.”

Toby Keith’s new CD 35 Biggest Hits is scheduled to be released on May 6th. BNN will be reviewing the CD soon. In fact it is sitting here on my desk right now!

Jan Barrett

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