Tobey Maguire returns in the third Spider-Man movieBy Honey Gillard 

‘Spider-man’ star Tobey Maguire has claimed that he will play the web-slinging superhero a 4th time – just as long as the script is right. 

Maguire has denied rumours of his Spiderman retirement, confirming that plans for ‘Spider 4’ are already in the works. 

He says, “They’ll definitely develop a fourth movie and write a screenplay, and I would consider it if there’s a good script, a good story that I felt was worth telling and Sam Raimi was involved and the right cast came together for it.” 

The Hollywood actor has also revealed that he no longer regrets being able to fly anonymously in economy class after scoring his life-changing role in the ‘Spider-man’ films, but manages to travel in 1st class for an equal price. 

Maguire, 31, says, “After ‘Spider-Man 1’, I bought a ticket to somewhere, which was a coach seat. I was used to buying coach tickets. I get on the plane, everybody’s looking at me and talking to me. I was starting to feel a little self-conscious about flying in coach. People were actually showing concern that I wasn’t being compensated well for Spider-Man. I was kind of embarrassed and uncomfortable. So my solution now is I buy a coach ticket and upgrade with (air) miles.” 

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Source: Starpulse 

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