I am a big fan of space exploration. I watch all the TV shows and read all the books on how the U.S. and Russia got into space. How other countries are pushing into space exploration. How we have manned missions and how we have a permanent settlement in space, on the International space station.  Soon also on the Moon and Mars, but it took a normal PBS nature show for me to realize humanities purpose in life.

God made us smart enough to build things like the computer, the car, the space ship and to cure diseases and maybe one day death itself with stem cells that regrow parts of the body. But why would he give us these, entire well… miracles, unless it was to one day to leave the Earth and spread life out among the universe. To terraform planets or adapt to ones that can support life and spread life. Now I am not getting into pro or against abortion thinking. All I am saying is I think god put us here to spread life. Sure we are probably not the only life in the universe, which, is good. We can search it out and if normal add it to our collection of plants insects, fish, animals, and mammals able to turn a barren world into a wonderful paradise.

And, of course, if it is dangerous wipe it out.

So to all those people out there without hope and feel that we have entered one too many wars or that life is just difficult I give you a glimpse into mankind’s future. It is a world without death, many worlds with hope and life and a rethinking of our place in the cosmos, to do real good and spread out. For those of you who have studied history, we are right now in the phase where sailors searched and mapped the New World, like we are doing with the solar system. It took another 100 years for major settlements to set up, a kin to the planned Moon and Mars bases and then 100’s of years later to get to where we are now, a country that is a major leader in the world. This is a kin to a future of a Moon and Mars full of settlements. And that is just the first few 100 years.

I believe if we can imagine it we can do it. So one day we will have a Faster than Light drive and settle the cosmos. Our history will one day be told on another moon or planet circling another star.

It is possible. We just have to believe in this good future and do it.

To all of you I wish a Happy Chanukah, Happy Christmas, Happy Kwanza, and Happy New Year.

Just wait the future holds so much promise.     

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