Terrell Owens, perhaps the most controversial star in NFL history, has a propensity for destructive behavior. His history includes accusing a former teammate, his quarterback at the time (Steve Young of the 49ers), of being gay. In addition he quit in mid season because another former teammate, quarterback Donavan McNabb, didn’t fit T.O.’s bill of a good teammate. Therefore, on Wednesday morning it came as little surprise when it was reported that the Dallas Cowboys’ wide receiver attempted suicide. Both T.O. and his publicist refute the claims despite the fact that the police report reflected their statements and behavior on Tuesday. Initially, Kim Etheredge, T.O.’s publicist, called 911 when she witnessed T.O.’s uncharacteristic behavior at his home on Tuesday. She also reported she beleved he may have taken an overdose of medication. He had painkillers in his possession to alleviate discomfort in his surgically repaired right ring finger. When paramedics arrived on the scene they asked him if he intended to harm himself. He said, “Yes.” His publicist also allegedly told police officers on the scene that he was “depressed.” Less than twenty four hours after the incident, paramedic and police reports literally became cloudy as half the information reported was blacked out. In addition, both T.O. and his publicist’s quotations transformed into fables as they both incessantly denied remarks they made previously.

The question is why? And the answer is simple. The repercussions of an individual who attempts suicide are anything but pleasant. Most notably, a failed suicide attempt would induce a visit to a psych ward to both further evaluate the individual’s mental health, as well as ensure his safety from further attempts of bodily harm. What would such a fate mean? It would mean he would undoubtedly be unable to suit up, at the very least, for Sunday’s NFL contest. Naturally, the Cowboys couldn’t have that; therefore, quite a spin has been put on this little incident. Does the O.J. Simpson trial come to mind? It should, for here’s yet another clear-cut example of the fact that if an icon has money, he or she can buy innocence.

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