This just in from TJ Hart. I admire TJ’s diplomacy, it is certainly better than mine would be under the circumstances. I also suspect that this will be one of the items that gets mentioned on our regular Sunday radio program. I applaud TJ for his honesty and integrity. It is a shame that there are not more members of the press like TJ – Simon

I informed the producers of the Nancy Grace Show this morning that I will be stepping aside from the national coverage of the Haleigh Cummings disappearance is Satsuma, FL.  I have elected instead to spend more time on the local aspect of  the story.

The members of the Nancy Grace Show staff have been kind and generous in allowing me to participate as a contributing reporter in their coverage of this tragedy.

I explained to one of the producers by phone this morning that the national headline coverage and the local stories we report seem to differ at times. I explained to her that this is a valid concern to a news director of  couple of local radio stations.

She was very gracious in listening to me and my reasons for deciding to step aside on this story. I appreciated that.

TJ Hart

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