tj.jpgMany of our readers here at wondered what had happened to our Sunday radio regular TJ Hart. Well I am very pleased to tell you all that TJ is alive and well!

He has moved from Florida and taken up residence in Des Moines, Iowa where he is the Operations Manger for five regional radio stations. Better still, he is also running a daily 3 hour call in talk news radio program from Noon till 3pm.

I pointed out to him that this sounded like insanity as it does take just a little preparation time to piece together a three hour program!

Oh, its not so bad, you just have to get up early, really early, like 3am early

Rather him than me are my thoughts on that one! He also points out that he has a great person as the producer and that takes a good deal of the pressure off.

 I am still in awe! 180 minutes of live radio per day just makes my head spin!

 If that was not enough, TJ is also continuing on with his music side. He is currently seeking out a recording studio to lay down another track, and there are rumors that he may well do a live gig or two in the Des Moines area.

There is good news for people not in the Des Moines area, the station that he calls home 98.3 WOW-FM does stream their programs live on the internet. The link is Check it out and give TJ a listen.

 TJ is one of the best people I have ever had the pleasure to call friend, I know that I speak for my wife Jan and I, and all of in wishing him every success in his new role.

Oh and just after 2pm tomorrow (Jan 16) he will be turning the tables on me. I get to play the part of interviewee, not interviewer. I have no idea what he is going to grill me about, but I am sure it will be a lot of fun.

Simon Barrett


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