I am proud to call TJ a friend, we have been through thick and thin over the years that I have known him. He is a guy that always wants to help others. A guy on a quest for good. And the world certainly needs a few more TJ Hart’s.

It was a few weeks ago that I called him to see what trouble he was up to. TJ is a radio and TV guy. He runs a 4 hour live breakfast radio program, and also looks after the programming for five stations. With that amount on your plate, it is amazing that the guy has time to go to the bathroom, never mind any adventures.

Of course the intrepid TJ has a different view. A quote that I just loved when I asked him about his radio schedule “I only work half days, I start at 3AM, and pretty much I am done by 3PM. So I have lots of time to do other things”!

So what might TJ Hart do in his down time? He has a whole 12 hours a day that he needs to burn up, well lets face it, you can only sleep for so long! The Hart has a huge heart, and when asked by the Special Olympics to help in a fundraising event, he was the first to say yes. Well, it should be easy, TJ is a well known voice on the radio waves around Des Moines. What could be simpler than hanging out and signing a few autographs?

Therein lays the issue, the Special Olympics wanted him to hang out, but not quite the way he had imagined.


I admire TJ, would you do this? And this video was just from a five story building.

There is one picture though, that sums up TJ and just who he is.


The total amount raised for the Special Olympics from this fund raiser is still being totaled, but it may well be $90,000 or more!

Kudos to TJ for doing this, and kudos to WOW-FM for letting him!

Simon Barrett

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