In the third quarter of Sunday’s football contest between the Tennessee Titans and the Dallas Cowboys an ejection of mass proportions occurred. That was the least of defensive lineman, Albert Haynesworth’s concerns. Actions such as his should warrant a year long suspension. During a play that yielded a Cowboy’s touchdown, the Cowboy’s center, Andre Gurode lost his helmet once he fell to the ground. Tennessee’s Albert Haynesworth saw an opportunity to do harm…And he took it. Standing above Gurode’s exposed face, Haynesworth stomped on him twice. He struck him just above his forehead and once below his eye. The cleats on the bottom of his shoe left large lacerations, all of which required stitches (30 in all), to mend the injuries. What provoked such an act of unsportsmanlike conduct? Nothing. No exchanges had occurred between the two men at any time during the game. Haynesworth knows he was wrong though, and showed remorse stating, “What I did out there was disgusting. It doesn’t matter what the league does to me. The way I feel, you just can’t describe it.” Imagine how Andre Gurode feels. Hopefully the statement of remorse, whether it is true or false, doesn’t weigh too heavily upon the league’s choice of punishment.

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