Starting a blog is incredibly simple. Anyone can do it. There are a record number of blogs starting every day, in a huge range of different niches. If someone is interested in it, there’s a blog about it. Blogs can be a great way of sharing information and ideas, driving traffic to a business or website, or just getting to know people with your interests and hobbies. A blog about public health could be an exceptionally useful tool. However, with health such an important topic, and there being so many different sources of information, you’ll need to make sure you are doing it right if you want to be successful.

Do Your Research

It’s so important that whatever content you post is accurate. While this is always true, when it comes to healthcare it’s even more so. You don’t want to get something wrong and lead to someone being injured or becoming unwell. Also, doing your research, and using your own knowledge, could make you a reliable and trusted source. There’s so much conflicting advice out there. Make your content, accurate, fresh and entertaining and you could easily become a reader’s go-to site for all of their healthcare information. If you’re a student of healthcare, perhaps studying a MPH degree, you could use your healthcare blog to further your studies, pass on your knowledge, and make important contacts for your later career.

Use Video

Video is a great tool for healthcare blogs. Posting informative videos can really get your site noticed, especially if you share them on sites such as YouTube, with a link back to your blog. Use your videos to share basic first aid tips, symptoms to look out for, and educate people on any current healthcare issues they should be aware of. People are more likely to learn from and remember a video than text on a page. Keep your videos relevant and current to grab people’s attention.

Mobile Utilization

More and more people are now viewing webpages and blogs on a mobile device, with some never seeing the page on a large screen. This means it’s vital to your blog’s success that it is fully mobile optimized. Make sure it looks good, is easy and efficient to use, and offers a great user experience. Test the blog out using a mobile device, just to make sure.

Use Social Media

Social media has become a huge part of blogging. Using social media marketing saves time and money, while managing to reach a much wider and more diverse audience. Make sure you have profiles set up on all of the main social media platforms. Share your posts, but also build a following and engage with them. Share other people’s work, and reply to their comments; in no time they’ll be sharing your blog, and your traffic will increase massively.

If you are interested in learning more about public health, and you’re already a graduate of a health based degree, consider studying a master of public health to further your knowledge. It’ll give many more topics for your blog!

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