I do not share the joy and optimism that has been expressed by some over the new national security team that is due to take over in January.

Robert Gates is stay on as Defense Secretary, General James Jones, former Marine Corps commandant will be the new National Security Advisor, Janet Napolitano will head Homeland Security, and Hillary Clinton will be Secretary of State.

Secretary Gates will be a hold over from the Bush Administration and has done a reasonably good job over the past couple of years.  General Jones is a Marine, always will be, and he will take the war to a new level in Afghanistan.  Hillary Clinton has supported the war in Iraq, and she understands the threat that radical Islam poses to the United States.

Sounds like a pretty good national security team, and I agree it is.  It wouldn’t have surprised me if John McCain would have made the same selections.

My confidence wanes however when I consider the appointment of Arizona’s Governor, Janet Napolitano.  This appointment says more about our new president than it says about national security.  Napolitano’s administrative capabilities and experience at dealing with natural disasters are the reported qualifiers for her being selected for the job of Homeland Security Chief. Never mind that she will leave Arizona with the nation’s worst budget deficit, and her inept handling of the somewhat minor natural disasters in Arizona.

Consider this:  Our new president is inexperienced and has little interest, if any in what happens outside the borders of this country.  He is at heart, a community organizer, he has his sights set on one thing and one thing only; “Nation Building” or should I say “Remodeling”.  By appointing Gates, Jones and Clinton, I believe he hopes – foreign policy issues will be in good hands while he pursues his true ambition, remolding the national identity of the United State of America.  He has already expressed his belief that this will take some time, at least two terms.  Janet Napolitano will be a perfect fit in this endeavor, as a border governor, she will be perceived as having credibility in dealing with illegal immigrants and I have no doubt that she will openly lobby for amnesty for the illegal’s already here in this country.  With the growth of the Hispanic population in this country what better way to secure a loyal voting block for 2012.

The nations current economic turmoil will be the catalyst for the change we have all been promised.  Over the next few years our Remodeler in Chief will attempt to use the skills developed on Chicago’s South Side to unravel 230 years of this noble experiment called America.

Now if only the crazies in the Middle East will let him play with his new toy.



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