Goodness knows that is a rare feeling these days. The world seems to be in turmoil, and the US is at the epicenter. The 2016 race to the Whitehouse has become a global joke. It does not matter who wins, everyone loses.

4 more years of gridlock. If Trump wins, the democrats will dig their heels in, if Clinton wins, the republicans will do the same thing.

But lets toss that all aside! There is still much to be proud of. I am proud of knowing WWII veteran Jack N Young.



I have lost count of the number of articles I have written about ‘Blackjack Young’ and his escapades during and after the war. It took guts to be a Navy Frogman, and it took guts to fall off a horse for Hollywood. Jack has guts, he is also one of the finest people I know.

Today he sent me an email and I feel it deserves to be shared.

Here are some pictures of my Marine Grandson, John Dalton Young. He just finished Boot Camp and is home on leave. We have never met but maybe someday before my time is up. I am so proud of him because he wants to help protect our way of life. The one thing we have in common is; the Marines trained me to be a Frogman in WW11.

1)       He is on the left.

2)       In his dress blue’s.


My congratulations to John Dalton Young. Here is a young Young following in his grandfathers footsteps.


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