CMT reports that during a concert held Tuesday night in Auburn, Washington, Tim McGraw witnessed a man in the audience physically assault a woman standing in the front line of the audience. He was on stage performing his 1994 hit song, Indian Outlaw and he stopped suddenly and yelled out “Get rid of this guy”. Then he called for security.

Apparently security couldn’t get to him fast enough so McGraw knelt down on stage and leaned over grabbing the man by his shirt and started pulling him towards the stage. Members of his crew came over to help and they got the man on the stage. They nearly ripped off the man’s t-shirt displaying the words wife beater.

Once they had the man onstage he got to his feet and took steps towards McGraw with his fist like he was going to hit him. This made McGraw automatically prepare to go at it with the man but the crew members grabbed the man and forced him off the stage before a fight broke out. 

The whole time this was going on the band continued playing music to the song. When they took the guy away Tim McGraw went back to where he left off in the song as if there had not been any interruptions, just like a pro beginning with the line in the song “I’m not looking for trouble”

All I got to say is “Way to go Tim!”

Jan Barrett

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