During a concert with Tim McGraw Tuesday night, McGraw pulled a fan onstage after he saw him assaulting a woman in the audience. Now that the man is thinking with a clear head he talked to reporters and gave his side of the story.

Marcus Nirschl, 30, a union glazier from Kent Washington, paid $120. for a third row seat ticket to see Tim McGraw at the White River Amphitheatre in Auburn, Washington. He told CMT.com in an interview Thursday that he was just making his way up to his seat because he wanted to be there when the singer started his song Indian Outlaw. He said he was getting shoved up against some empty seats and he admits that he may have pushed some people when he was trying to get his balance. He says he did not grab anyone’s hair nor did he ever hit anyone. He says he is the nicest guy you’ll ever meet.

He said this is when the chaos really started which had the man confused. He said his hat fell off so he bent down to get it. He said the next thing he knew Tim was saying “Get rid of this guy”. He said when McGraw reached out for his hand he thought he had recognized him because he had been to several of Tim McGraw’s concerts prior to this. Nirschl claims he thought Tim wanted to pull him onstage with him for some dancing and stuff. He said he even stepped up on an empty chair to make it easier to get on stage.

He said when Tim grabbed him by the back of his belt and pulled him up, he threw him across the stage and then he remembers seeing his fist pulled back like he was going to punch him. He admits he has had a couple of beers but insists that he wasn’t drunk. He says if he would have been he wouldn’t be able to remember all this.

After telling his story to the authorities and showing them where he had paid to get in they made him leave anyway.

You have to say though that Nirschl must be a real fan though, because he says if Tim comes back there he will pay to go see him again, but he just doesn’t know why the singer wanted to punch him.

Jan Barrett

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