The ever so popular CCTV cameras have become really popular in stores to help catch thieves and prevent crime. Even the great Tim Hortons, known for its coffee and doughnuts uses them.

Apparently their cameras caught on camera a thief. Someone in their store committed a crime. It was one of their employees at that and the manager of the store sought immediate action. The woman was fired.

Nicole Lilliman, a single mother, was dismissed after she gave a toddler a 16 cent Timbit. “It was just out of my heart, she (the toddler) was pointing and going ‘ah, ah…’ I should have gone to my purse and got the change, but it was busy,” Lilliman told the Toronto Star newspaper.

A single Timbit sells for 16 Canadian cents (16 U.S. cents), but most shoppers buy boxes of 10, 20 or 40 of the deep-fried goodies, which come in a variety of flavors.

I worked at a bakery several years ago. I remember small children coming into the store and we use to give them a doughnut once in a while at the end of the day when we knew they weren’t going to be sold. What wasn’t sold was thrown away and I would rather have seen someone eat them than to be thrown into the garbage like that.
“It was the unfortunate action of one manager who unfortunately made an overzealous decision, and thankfully we were able to rectify the situation,” said company spokeswoman Rachel Douglas.

Of course Tim Hortons is now claiming the firing of Lilliman was a mistake and they have offered her job back, which she has accepted.

Douglas said Tim Hortons had received a number of complaints. “Thankfully we’re able to go back to them and say we were able to fix the situation,” she said.

Jan Barrett

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