But Who Cares?

He has more money than most people, he can do whatever he wants to do. So what was the  very boring and obviously well scripted press conference all about?

Tiger Woods came out of his reclusive life to tell a well rehearsed story to a hand picked audience.  I say BFD. If you don’t know how to decipher that cryptic abbreviation, just trust me, it is not nice.

Quite honestly I do not understand what the big deal is all about. So Tiger Woods like to screw around. He is hardly the first person, and will certainly not be the last. If his wife divorces him and takes him to the proverbial cleaners, he deserves it. Mind you, Tiger could afford to give her many $millions and still be sitting pretty.

There is no question that Tiger Woods has made some poor decisions, his morality leaves a great deal to be desired, but that is his choice.

What I marvel at is the way that ‘sporting’ personalities are held in such high esteem. When someone steps out of line the moral warriors move into high gear. Michael Vick brought Football into disrespect by his dog fighting antics. That is BS. He did something bad, but he certainly did nothing to harm the NFL.

Likewise, Tiger Woods has done something bad, but it will not harm the game of golf. Millions of demented people play it around the globe, I doubt that a single person has hung his putter up because of Tiger Woods.

It is my opinion that we are all too sensitive to the Politically Correct doctrine. Get over it! Life is too short to get wrapped up in these sideshows.

Simon Barrett

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