This is a guest article by author James Ross. Readers know James Ross as an avid golfer. For some time now I have been goading James. What have you got to say about Tiger Woods? Finally James has caved in and agreed to jump into the controversy. Here is what the characters of his fictitious Prairie Winds Golf Course had to say on the subject….. and this is straight from the reserved back booth in the clubhouse:

Fred, Pork Chop, Scottie P and Captain Jer had finished their round of golf and placed their clubs in the trunk of the car. As they headed into the clubhouse Pork Chop said, “I almost forgot.”

“What?” Captain Jer asked. “It couldn’t have been your hot dog at the turn. You had two of them.”

“But only half the mustard,” Fred replied. “Look at the front of him.”

“Don’t remind me. That’s another ruined shirt.” Pork Chop shook his head in disgust. “We didn’t talk about the great tournament that Tiger had in Australia.” The guys entered the clubhouse and nodded to Julie who was standing behind the register.

“Maybe that will quiet the naysayers a little,” Scottie P said. “If he didn’t have all that bad luck during the third round then he could have won the tournament.”

“He was leading the field after the first two rounds, wasn’t he?”

“Oh yeah and then shot three over on the third day,” Pork Chop said. “He came back strong on the last day to finish in third place.”

“I can’t believe a lot of people predicted he would never win another golf tournament in his life,” Fred said.

“He’s got a lot of golf left in his bag,” Scottie P said. “He’s just entering the prime of his golfing life.”

“They said that he has been playing thirty-six holes a day to get his game together.”

“That’s what I heard and his knee is finally healthy again.”

“Who are you talking about?” Julie asked. She waved at the guys. “Tiger?” Her eavesdropping was right on target.

“Yeah. He played great at the Australian Open.”

“The way he treated his ex-wife and the kids was awful. I’m not a fan of his anymore,” Julie said as she brought beverages over to the guys.

“Hey, his personal conduct didn’t win any new fans over,” Captain Jer said, “but that doesn’t mean that his golf game is lousy.”

“No kidding,” Scottie P said. “He’s had a ton of distractions over the last two years.”

“Can you imagine?” Pork Chop followed. “Tens of millions of dollars to his ex-wife. Public ridicule with all the text messages to his girlfriends. Corporate sponsors dropping him left and right. Firing his caddie of ten years. No wonder the guys’ golf game went into the crapper.”

“He’s had problems that only we can dream about.”

“Now that he’s got all of that behind him I look for him to rebound with a vengeance,” Scottie P said.

“There’s a bunch of new young studs on the tour. Do you think he can stay up with them?”

“With his competitive desire and experience he can compete with the best of them. Don’t count him out.”

“It sure looks like there is a little fire in the eye of the Tiger.”

“You better believe it. He’s back.”

I am delighted that James Ross has decided to share the scuttlebutt from the back booth of The Prairie Winds Clubhouse.

You can find out more about James Ross from his web site and of course his books are available at better bookstores everywhere, or through Amazon at James Ross

Simon Barrett

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