Tiger Woods may be an icon of the golfing community, but that does not put him above criticism from certain people. While us mere mortals can get into our car at 2am and proceed to smack it into a fire hydrant and a tree no one cares. In fact a good friend of mine (alas no longer with us) used to regale me of being in Boise, Idaho, late at night, drunk as a skunk and demolishing a couple of his neighbors mail boxes, but made it home safe and sound. He was somewhat surprised when the local cops knocked on his door early the the next morning. Of course Don’s problem was easy to explain, it was the middle of winter, and his excursion over the neighbors yard was clearly visible by the set of tire tracks in the snow. The Tiger Woods of the world do not have this anonymity, he is front and center of attention.

According to officials Tiger Woods was not impaired when he racked up his Cadillac Escalade, but one wonders what happened to cause him to have the accident?

One thing though is clear, Tiger Woods chose the wrong ‘driver’ on this excursion. It also is becoming a very active story, when you are famous very little of your life remains unknown. In the latest revelation, wrecking the front end of the Escalade palls into insignificance when compared to the charges of infidelity. Various news organizations are reporting that Tiger Woods has had relationships with Jaimee Grubbs , Rachel Uchitel  and Kalika Moquin.

I am sure that his wife is not letting Tiger near her even with a putter never mind a No 1 Wood.

A fellow journalist sent me some material that while may not be appropriate for CNN, I think is just too funny not to share. I am not sure if this dialog was on twitter or facebook, enjoy:

First response from request for email from FLA women who Have Not had an affair with Tiger – “I have not got wood from Tiger.” Anon.

By far the best though is this recording that analyzes the situation. I am not sure that this one made it to the airwaves, but I do know it was done by professionals.

I will leave it up to the listener to decide. This is without doubt the funniest Tiger Woods commentary I have heard to date.

The lovely recording is here.

Simon Barrett

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