The past few days have not been kind to Tiger woods. The latest count has Tiger as the ‘Stud Of The Year’. The ‘one’ transgression has now reached 15. Yup 15 young ladies that know all about Tigers Number One woody.

It should surprise no-one that these young ladies are after Tiger ‘Woody’ Woods cash.

I have never met Tiger Woods, in fact I know little about golf other than it seems really boring. Guys slapping a small ball around a field is soprophitic to me. It is almost as pointless of driving a car around an oval track till everyone falls asleep. However, not everyone would agree with me, Nascar is big business. Golf is big business. Football is big business.

Tiger Woods has faced some real issues over the past few days. Is it correct? Should Tiger Woods be allowed to escape persecution because of his fame? Some say YES, the argument is a simplistic one, Tiger has suffered enough, we should leave him alone. We should let him have some quiete time to reflect on his ‘holing’ strategy, with, or without a Putter.

A rather humorous video hit my radar, I do hope that you enjoy it.

What I find interesting is that the world even cares. If Tiger Woods wants to have a gazillion affairs, and smack his car into a tree, well who really gives a damn? It was his Number one woody, and his car, in fact it is no-ones business but Tiger and the 15 women.

I have read several articles that I have to say, make me chuckle. Tiger removing himself from the competitive aspect of golf may well change the game. Um, excuse me. Did basketball change when Bird, Johnson or Jordan hung up their pants? Did football die when Joe Montana, Joe Namath, or Dan Marino bowed out? Hell, not even Yacht Racing folded when Dennis Conner walked away from the Americas cup’.

A sport is not about an individual, it is about something you enjoy.

It is time that two things happen, one, we understand that these people are mortal, and number two, the money has made them think they are immortal.

Simon Barrett

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