The latest bizarre twist in this story concerns the death of a lead investigator. In a play out of the Godfather play-book the severed head of Rolando Flores was found in a suitcase. At first glance this grizzly turn of events might seem to indicate that Tiffaney Hartley’s story of drug running bandits killing her husband while they were jet sking on Falcon Lake is indeed the truth. However, the two events may be a result of happenstance rather than directly being linked.

It is rumored that the investigator had spent years trying to obtain convictions of two known drug kingpins, and he was using the Hartley case as a form of leverage to obtain greater Law Enforcement support from US authorities.

If this assertion is true then there may be no direct correlation between the two events.

There are many things that bother me about the Hartley case, for one, it is way too neat and tidy. Random killings are not pre-planned, they happen in the heat of the moment. The Mexican cartels are not shy about their level of violence, and rarely bother to mop up the scene afterwards. The visual carnage is part of their message, it is the calling card!

I find it hard to believe that they took time to either place weights of the dead body to sink it, or remove the body. So where is the body?

Just as troublesome is where is the second Jet Ski? Are we to believe that the drug smugglers took it?

I have a nasty mind, and I keep coming up with a different scenario that fits. I was talking to Peter Hyatt about the case and he too has some real reservations about the story being spun by Tiffany Hartley. He actually introduced me to a scenario that I had not even considered. The more I consider it, the more credible it becomes. I will however leave it to Peter to share it publicly if he chooses.

One thing that Peter Hyatt is certain of is that Tiffany Hartley is being deceptive in her public statements.

I am no expert in the world of ‘statement analysis’ but it seems clear to me that we are not getting the whole story from the grieving widow.

Last week Peter Hyatt has ‘Body Language’ expert Dr. Lillian Glass on his program (you can listen here). Dr. Glass was in agreement, there is something smelling bad in Tiffany Hartley’s demeanor.

On Sunday Oct/17 Peter Hyatt will have profiler Pat Brown on his program. I do not personally know Pat Brown, but I do know another profiler, and I have a huge respect for this investigative tool. It has rapidly moved from a mumbo jumbo art form, to a very well respected forensic science.

It will be interesting to hear Pat Brown talk about this case. What position will she take? The link to Peter’s program is here. You can also get more information from his web site.

Simon Barrett

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