I was talking to Peter Hyatt yesterday about the Tiffany Hartley case and he pointed me to an article that he had written titled ‘A Scam Gone Wrong‘. It is not often that I disagree with Peter, but in this case I immediately responded with “How do you know it is not a scam gone right”?

I am not a professional investigator, my playground for over three decades was the wonderful (and I use that word loosely) world of computers. I am closer to Mr. Spock than Dr. Spock!

For many years a major part of my work involved what might be called ‘Logic Forensics’. A large scale system would crash, my job was to find the reason why. A bit like the NTSB investigating an aircraft failure I had a ‘black box’, in my case it was a cardboard box with a 1000 pages of 11 x 14 green bar fanfold paper containing the final moments. To add an element of challenge, the entire thing was in Hexadecimal (Base 16). This was all about logic, computers do not commit crimes of passion, they merely perform tasks that humans ask them to.

Si ingrained in me is the logic search that I subconsciously apply it to crime cases. The ‘death’ of David Hartley is a case in point. It defies logic the way it is being described by the only eye witness Tiffany Hartley.

I am sure that both the US and Mexican authorities are way ahead of me on this, but I would imagine they are asking the same questions and making the same observations. In fact as far as I can tell Mexico has all but said that they do not buy Tiffany Hartley’s version of events. The US authorities may well share the same beliefs, but for good reasons prefer to remain somewhat silent.

The Mexico US border is a problematic zone. Some might even view it as the third war zone that the US are fighting on. The drug cartels are prepared to go to almost any length to get their product to the lucrative US markets. At this stage, for political and PR reasons it makes sense for LE to play along with the Tiffany Hartley version.

My major logic beef in the Tiffany Hartley story is where is the Jet Ski? Oh, and where is the body of the supposedly dead David Hartley?

But there are many other logic issues. I have a friend who is involved in the war on drugs, at the behest of the US government he spends most of his time in Central and South America, his home though is in the southern part of Texas. When in the US he is a regular panelist on a radio series that I host. He has explained the danger of the border area on numerous occasions. So the question becomes, why on earth would you go Jet Skiing in a war zone?

Why was David Hartley killed, yet his wife was not? The drug cartels are not known for compassion!

When you take the ‘facts’ as we are being fed, and apply some logic to them. They do not work. Much like my happy years spent buried in hexadecimal core dumps, I start to look for logical explanations of the events.

My first thoughts were that it was drug deal gone bad. Could the Hartley’s have been ‘mules’? This theory does not make sense. Why kill only one of them? And we are back to, where is that damn Jet Ski?

Peter Hyatt using Statement analysis, and Dr. Lillian Glass using Body Language analysis, are both certain that Tiffany Hartley is hiding something. But what could the real story be?

I ask myself the question, is David Hartley alive? Did he get shot, or is there another fork in the road of this story? Again I ask, where is that damn Jet Ski?

Could this be an organized disappearance? There are reasons other than a life insurance scam that a person might wish to drop out of sight. I could certainly be wrong. But it makes me wonder. I keep asking myself where is that damn Jet Ski?

Peter Hyatt seems to have some valid ideas. Check out his web site, and listen in to his next radio program on the subject.

Simon Barrett

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