There are two very different stories emerging about Tiffany Hartley, one buys into the theory that a band of Mexican bandits, or drug dealers dispatched her husband to the nether world, while the pair were Jet Skiing on a Texas lake that acts as the border between Mexico and the US.

Those buying into this story include CNN’s junior partner HLN.

But is what Tiffany Hartley says the truth?

During our coverage of the Haleigh Cummings and Caylee Anthony case, we found that all might not be as it seems. One of our good friends became Peter Hyatt. Peter Hyatt has taken the Tiffany Hartley case in his Pit Bull jaws.

Peter specializes in a style of investigation that is used in many states, but is not as sexy as the CSI programs. He analysis the written word. Much can be gleaned from words. Like a ‘lie detector’ truth and deception become apparent. It is not so much a court room tool as an investigative tool. The way people talk, the active/passive or first person/third person use of language is a way to learn much information.

A more well publicized, but still science waiting for general acceptance in the halls of justice is the study of body language. Can the way someone acts give you clues? Yes it can!

What happens when you join these two skills together?

You take Peter Hyatt and Dr Lillian Glass, and put them on the same radio program. Two very different disciplines, yet two sciences that agree.

You can tune into what I suspect will be a wonderful program here at 6pm eastern.

Simon Barrett

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